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The ”Fear No Man” Line is one of the composites of Kulaperry Clothing. Kulaperry Clothing is comprised of three lines, which are; ”Fear No Man,” ”Royalty” and ”Loyalty”. Since its release, news of the clothing line has gone viral as many wonder about it. The ”Fear No Man” clothing line Logo portrays a white human face with a red strip across the eyes of the face. There is definitely some level of mystery to this very interesting logo design.

The young artist explains that, the ”Fear No Man” logo represents the African heritage. The color white was chosen for the face because it stands for cleanliness and purity. The red color for the strip represents the hustle, toil and struggle of Africans endured in achieving their dreams. In deeper context, the position of the red strip across the white face depicts the act of meditation and prayer when one has to actually close their eyes and focus on God. The entirety of the logo seeks to highlight on the practice of seeing and speaking no evil. ”Fear No Man” is a line that stands as a symbol for people who fear nobody except God.

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